Yvette Nicole Brown: Không có ứng cử viên bên thứ ba!


Ngôi sao của 'Thành phố kỳ lạ' Yvette Nicole Brown đã gây bão về Howard Schultz. Đăng ký kênh "The late show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. Lack of third party candidates produces the very system that's reduced the American system to it's lowest ebb. No way that a binary choice between two of the richest people in the country passes muster as democracy.

  2. As much as Schultz is a loser, this is a democracy and telling people they can't run is undemocratic. Let's fix the real problems like corporate money influencing our elections and this broken 2 party system. She is basically advocating for no progressive change 👎

  3. Worth noting that there appears to be a new party forming in US politics – the Billionaires party. There are Conservative Billionaire candidates who will give you tax cuts for billionaires with added racism or oppression of women or religiosity, and there are Liberal Billionaire candidates who will give you tax cuts for billionaires with gay rights & maybe legal weed, as long as they can make it something publicly listed corporations can profit from. Now that a populist allegedly swamp-draining wannabe billionaire is in the White House disrupting their wealth with trade wars, and the opposing party has candidates wanting to MTBGA [Make Tax on Billionaires Great Again], now suddenly we get an Independent Billionaire from the Billionaires Party who will give you tax cuts for billionaires but wants to make it clear that he’s nothing like the guy currently in the White House or those terrible Democrats who are opposed to the fundamental American value of More Tax Cuts for Billionaires

  4. Look, I'm rooting for Kamala Harris all the way. But 3rd party candidates are a perfectly respectable option. Remember, the biggest 3rd party are in fact the non- voters. That's why we need Kamala. She will get ppl to the polls!! KAMALA2020!

  5. Yvette, they meant WHITE "tired, poor, huddled masses".

    #OpenBorders* #MadeAmericaGreat! (#MAGA!)

    *For Europeans, WHILE Asians were illegally banned & Hispanic US citizens terrorized & illegally deported. The Euro #Snowflakes called Ellis "Heartbreak Island" for the LOW acceptance rate of… 98%!
    And LONG processing times of… 4 hours!

    These noncitizens were encouraged to vote by most States and legal aliens could run for office till 1928.

  6. This chick is so full of herself. Now is the time, the longer you wait to acknowledge the longer it takes to implement the change that is needed.
    Two party system needs to go. Popular vote needs to be enforced.

    This chick doesn't have a clue. She thinks what she is saying is important and I think she likes to hear herself talk too much.

    Vote for what you believe. Democrats, and Republicans are no different, so let anyone run in any party. Need to destroy the two party conception. You don't need this. Vote for what you believe, you have a choice, if we listen to this woman, we will go down the same road. In 2024 she will spew the same thing and say now is not the time, blah blaH BLAH.

  7. There are more than two parties. People should be given the freedom to choose what party they want instead of being forcefed two party politics. There should be more people running from other parties in all positions not just for president. There are other ideas than those that fit in the boxes labeled Democrat and Republican. If more people were exposed to that fact this country would be more fair, but they format it so that people who don't identify as either are shunned for not having mass appeal and kept off the airways because they aren't even looked at as competition. This is very wrong.

  8. Third party candidates aren’t the problem, it’s the fact that our voting system creates the spoiler effect and strategic voting that’s the problem. The sooner we switch to ranked choice everywhere, the better.

  9. So she LOVES the person who will protect the status quo because she is RICH and couldn't give a fig about those at the bottom! People like her want to keep the system just the way it is, BECAUSE IT WORKS FOR HER!

    I DISAGREE! America needs CHANGE! BERNIE is the only one who wants to bring serious change to the tax system and social services that effect all Americans! 

  10. I had a guy ask me to pay for a movie date. I did cause I really liked him and because I'm an idiot. Right after dropping me off he asks… "What do you expect the outcome from this to be? Cause I don't want a relationship." So I basically paid to get my heartbroken that night.

  11. Brown I use to like you on talking dead and from that college show but you seem to entitled now and just horrible individual your nothing special you human become humble and be thankful your granddaddy wasn’t hung

  12. Or, you know instead of encouraging this two-party system even more, how about you make an effort to reform the political system? A two party system can never work. The electoral college, the winner takes it all system, the president who is granted way too much power, all those things are the disease.
    Donald Trump is merely the symptom. US citizens, I wish you could see this from our perspective because you can't imagine how fucked up all of this sounds when you live in an actual democracy.

  13. The issue is Third Party doesn’t work. Here in UK Lib Dem’s just turned into another party people complain about and they screwed their chance.

    The key Left needs to learn, is to win and then work on flaws in candidates.

    Right wing will always vote together. They just want to win. People know majority won’t vote for 3rd but they still keep running and allowing to split the left vote. You don’t see that on the right. Get behind a candidate in a main party and go to your senators etc to make sure the flaws in that candidate can be changed

    If not you’re going to have 4 more years of Trump and the Republicans are going to twist the rules even more.

    Kids are in cages. Get in the game and win 2020 for a flawed but way better candidate .

  14. !!! MESSAGE TO ALL WHO VOTE DEMOCRAT !!! Please go look up Kamala Harris voting record. Please go look into the fact of how she kept black americans in prison because of paperwork. Please do your own research. People like Seth Meyers and Colbert do a great job in attacking Trump and calling out all of his b.s. but they do not do a good job on who they talk about on their shows for democratic candidates that you should vote for. Kamala Harris is not for the people, she is for the status quo. She will not do what is best for you. She is going to tell you everything you want to hear for the next two or so years. She is going to pretend like she is a progressive who is for progressive policies and ideals, and the very second she gets elected that will all change. Please pls pls pls pls I am begging you people to do your own research and not to make the same mistake we made in 2016 where half of you thought it would be a good idea to support a terrible candidate who had to cheat to get the nomination. Lets not do Hillary 2.0 people. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the two best potential candidates for us. Please be smart, pls do research and not just believe things you hear late night talk show hosts or their guests tell you. Because she is who the corporate billionaire dems are gonna try and push. Because she is someone who will help them over you. Thank you and have a nice day.

  15. A third part could equally well draw people from the Republican side as the Democrat side, so why not? If there was ever a nation needing to break teh corrupt two-party system it is the US. You need a party that is actually for the majority of the people…

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