Brian Justin Crum trò chuyện về việc nhận phiếu bầu của Mỹ! – America's Got Talent: The Champions


Ca sĩ Brian Justin Crum cảm ơn các siêu anh hùng AGT đã gửi anh đến trận chung kết! »Tải Ứng dụng Tài năng Mỹ của Mỹ: http: // Download …


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  1. I love this guy. Lowkey know him mostly from the cover of Rise he did with Superfruit (and others) that I think came out shortly after his season of AGT was done but he's so good and his performance here proved it. Glad he got put through.

  2. Don't act so shocked about a singer being chosen. It seems that people always go for music over anything else. Just look at the most viewed videos on YouTube. A majority of them are music videos.

    Do I wish there was more variety in the Finals? Absolutely. However, this is just the way things are.

  3. Season 13 is first ive watched in 5 yrs. Every finalist was amazing (deepest talent pool yet?) Even liked flau jae and i hate rap, but i would listen to hers.
    Now comes champions and i remember why i quit watching. Susan boyle and kechi are only reason i might stick with it. Ramos was ok in operatic aspect and transition was cool but her high notes sound like mariah carey ( nails on chalkboard). Darci and courtney deserved another gold buzzer. Heidi chose dime dozen knife act you could see at any decent carnival-bored.
    Bryan crum-eh. Issy( yes, i know she did it on bgt but i still liked it) and tapeface were much more interesting and entertaining.

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