Kẻ giết Mike giải thích tại sao các thiên thần địa ngục có đặc quyền Gang trắng


Killer Mike nói về việc giải quyết các vấn đề của xã hội về Cảnh báo kích hoạt với Killer Mike, đặc quyền của băng đảng trắng và đưa Bernie Sanders ra …


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  1. Biggest gang is governments working together. Read the following & realize this was setup by governments.

    Billions of devices made with real resources that exist flawlessly in digital forms in ALL smartphones, tons of energy wastes from the factories, and pollution. All over banning those products from real materials to increase the standards of all devices that can hold them. Tax dependency, and incapacity to educate the mass is leading us to step into territories of nuclear rival nations to secure assets to support this DISEASE like demand to turn civilians into cattle to farm.

    We're heading towards a mass depopulation where governments use the tax they farmed to be safe during a reset. Governments playing as enemies? No.. We're the enemy, and they use fear for acceptance to build stronger methods of MASS destruction. You know what weapons of MASS destruction is really for? Hard heavy hits to civilian populations.. I.G Men, women, and children vaporized in Japan..

    If you people don't worry together about what is more likely to wipe you all out for "the greater good" of themselves, and if you people don't demand ALL IN ONE over disposable ideologies? They will eventually calculate the burden of the mass to supply for against their children having AIR to breathe in the future under climate change. Ancient people that built the pyramids did that to have structures to last so they could focus on other survival problems. We're not and its COMPLETELY deliberate.. They want you to believe that what WILL happen was the only option and to just deal with it for THEIR sake.

    Normality of humanity for the past 10 thousand years = Genocide.. Wake up.

  2. Good and talented dude however he is a lit a bit weird and it shows in his tv series. Crip a cola , church of sleep , New America , the super project and educational porn are such odd concepts so odd that at least 2 of the episodes are hard to watch.

    But i did enjoyed the reverse green book and crip a cola episodes. Both are the bomb.

  3. Instead of "trying to get the black vote" why don't we have someone who's competent, has experienced the struggle of minorities and preferably knows what it's like to be a working class citizen ?

  4. I have nothing but love for black people who challenge the world to feel anything but love for them, but The Right is not a good faith ideology and even as they smile, shake hands and loudly talk about how they value freedom for all, right wingers are plotting the end of free society and people with brown skin. Right now, they're winning, because the bottom line is that across the 4 continents of the Westernised world, white people are voting anti-multicultural, anti-human rights fascists into power.

  5. It’s true. The easiest way toward social cohesion is more integration; you know simply getting together with other groups of people and talking. You will quickly realise ‘The Other' isn’t some homogenous group hell bent on your group’s destruction. Just normal people with ambitions, family life and problems far more similar to yours than different.
    We’re all in the same vehicle going to the same place, it’s just that some people have different ideas on how to get there. Once that is realised you see all the shouting and hatred towards to each other as silliness.

  6. Disagree with mike on “getting along with others” narrative some people want to see us poor and abused by big corporations and some people want to see other races enslaved and kicked out of the country… you can’t get along with everyone I only believe in working class solidarity again corporatist greed and corporations

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