Jeff Bezos Invents A New Euphemism For Penis


Jeff Bezos coined a new euphemism for male genitalia in his blog post, ‘No Thank You, Mr. Pecker.’ And it’s not ‘pecker.’ Subscribe To “The Late…


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  1. You have to hand it to the guy for refusing to be blackmailed. Nude pics, sexy texts, the Fappening, etc – the internet offers all these opportunities for blackmail, just because American society is really prudish. And this guy just goes "I don't care, it's just a wiener. Show it to the world. They won't see anything they haven't seen before."

    This is the first time I've heard of someone standing up to all this prudery. I can respect that.

  2. I had to pause this to go look up Lauren Sanchez, she's bad but not worth 70 billion. No female is worth 70 bills, you can literally have a dungeon full at least a 100 Instagram models who won't say a word if you give them a million dollars and disclosure forms, that's 100 million ya'll not even 1/10 of 1 billion🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. Loathe Bezos. Think he should be in jail for the conditions his employees are working under. I feel so strongly that I have not ordered from Amazon so as not to support a system I disagree with.

    That said.

    Nobody should have their personal texts and pics be exposed without consent.

    I HATE the enquirer more than ever before because they made me defend Bezos.

  4. This Bezos thing is just another distraction to cover up what is really going on. Trump is jealous of Jeff for being a real billionaire!!! Better watch out Trump, you'll lose your prime membership if you mess with Alexa's daddy!!!!

  5. Here is a text from my favorite Russian troll:


    ' ONLY the very best of best and best of best Orange TRUMPUTIN has the best ORANGE DICKkkkkkKKK

    He is best ONLY Orange DICKkkkkkKKKtator in America

    Bezos is so jealous of Trump ORANGE DICK that he makes such a big story out of it

    Even in his business Logo

    Putin is number one and richest DICK in the WORLD

    TRUMP's ORANGE DICKkkkkkKKK is much smaller than Putin number one and very best best BEST best best DICKkkkkkKKKtator in the WORLD

    Trump is best DICKkkkkkKKKtator in America, only

    But America is NOTHING compared to RUSSIA

    America has only 9500 big DICKkkkkkKKK Nuclear weapons but RUSSIA has much more

    Russia has so many big big big DICKkkkkkKKK Nuclear weapons that it can DESTROY all humans hundreds of times over

    Now this is big big big big DICKkkkkkKKK power

    Bezos is NOTHING

    And his wealth is half gone because his wife divorced him for putting his DICKkkkkkKKK in the wrong place'


  6. That's what you get when you associate with anyone who has a Trumpeter in their family! Do an extensive background check and weed out those who have Trumpeters in their family tree! And chop that tree down!

  7. So Bezo's mistress gave her brother this private material to use to blackmail Bezo's? He should have stayed with the wife. She was with him before they had anything. Now he'll never know if they're with him out of love for him or his money.

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