John Oliver Anticipates A Brexit ‘No Deal’


‘Last Week Tonight’ host John Oliver looks ahead to what might happen in the U.K. should no deal be reached on the Brexit. Subscribe To “The Late…


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  1. As a Brit, I can tell you that if there was a Brexit vote tomorrow, we would overwhelmingly reject it and stay in Europe now that we've had 2 and half years of finding out what would happen if we leave. It would be a calamity.. just as John Oliver says.

  2. I'm not religious, but I'd consider praying for RBG's health and longevity…just in case it helps. Tales of eternal hellfire haven't converted me, but the threat of a third SCOTUS appointment for Trump just might.

  3. I love his intro bringing up the Kpop fans waiting for blackpink hahaha can't you be a fan of both i like Blackpink and I'm a huge fan of John 😀 And btw I can"t wait for last week tonight to be back 😀 😀

  4. Second term is coming guys…Bush did it and we all thought he was bad and now we have the worst so he will be a shoe in for re election….just how politics in Murica goes…we criticize and make lies about the great presidents to make way for corporate presidents to screw us back into the dark robber baron ages…Republicans won't stop until the middle class is extinct and they have the poor building them pyramids again through slave labor…its a fact that every single recession in history was caused by a Republican and yet Muricans still vote for the tough acting guy that always turns out to be a scared pussy, or a child molester or a womanizer and most certainly almost always a racist in the end. NOT A GOOD ROLE MODEL FOR AMERICA!!!

  5. We didn't all vote for Brexit. Like the US didn't all vote for Trump. The same lies, data theft and Russian money and influence affected both votes. The difference is that you have Mueller. Noone appears to be doing any investigation in the UK while we roll off a cliff.

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