Kseniya Simonova: Nghệ sĩ kể câu chuyện cảm động qua nghệ thuật cát – America's Got Talent: The Champions


Nghệ sĩ cát Kseniya Simonova cho thấy tình yêu luôn chiến thắng thông qua một câu chuyện tình cảm của một gia đình. »Tải ứng dụng tài năng của nước Mỹ: …


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  1. I honestly didn't even believe this to possible. That someone could take something as simple as sand and turn into just a spectacular form of art that conveys so much emotion. What's even harder to grasp is how you're able to make such intricate details at such speed in real time without fault. And I think I can speak on behalf of viewers that you truly are an amazing talent and we're very glad to chose to showcase your talent

  2. @Sand Artist Kseniya Simoniva, Ksniya you have an amazing unique talent and I am so proud of you for what youate doing and how you are represeting your countey here in America! You are an artist like no other and I wish you the best in evering you do! You make me proud of sharing your beautiful heritage as my family is also from your country! May God bless you! Thank you for reminding us of what really matters!

  3. Kseniya, I have been a fan of yours since you won Ukraine's Got Talent, i would love to see you perform here in New Zealand. This is why we love you, your storytelling through your art is so moving, i genuinely hope you win this show you deserve it.

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