Berlin’s Kreuzberg with a Guide


I’ve long wanted to better understand Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood — traditionally the home of many Turkish immigrants, and today gentrifying…


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  1. Kreuzberg is great for all kinds of international cuisine. I lived in Bermin for a number of years and Krezberg was where we would go eat the best Turkish food, the Indian food, the best Greek food. We always stop back when we go back to Berlin for amazing food. Good to show some of the district. Also super easy to get to on the U-Bahn (subway)

  2. Best Turkish food I ever had. I love Kreuzburg. Love the gardens there. Yellow yoga studio and of course Turkish coffee everywhere. Berlin rocks! I miss it. New York sucks! Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona are my favorite cities.

  3. Simply hard to find markets like you find in Europe, here in the US. Of course we have markets like nothing they will see over there also. I love the personal feeling of these smaller market stands. Immer noch wandern (my German spelling was always horrible)

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