Đây là cách Trump dành 60% trong ngày của mình


Donald Trump đã lên Twitter trong 'Thời gian điều hành' để giải thích cách ông dành 'Thời gian điều hành'. Đăng ký kênh "The late show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. The world belongs to God, we are all created equal, If you had your family in one off this Unfortunate country’s no matter how much you try to stay it’s unlivable you take any risk for your children or family, With all this great power they should demand more from those countries governments so the people won’t have to go but they can’t do much for Venezuela because of politics or Mexico or Honduras or Salvador that’s what’s wrong If you think that walls will stop that from poring in maybe for some years but you don’t cage the good guys while the bad guys are making millions into extreme unconscious killers with the governing of only the strong will survive!

  2. Then said he unto them, O fools, and slow of heart to believe all the King James Bible.  Gob forbid: yea, let the King James Bible be true, but every man a liar  as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.  I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified the King James Bible above all thy name.  from Luke 24:25, Romans 3:4, and Psalm 138:2

  3. If someone is lucky enough to assassinate ( murder, kill, execute, slaughter, butcher, liquidate, eliminate, exterminate, terminate) this Agent Orage virus…
    Unlike President Kennedy's assassination, where republicunts killed him using Oswald as a scapegoat…
    It will be a positive celebration and we will have to fight to keep that person from being sent to prison for having the guts to pull it off defending our country.
    And bringing peace to the USA again!

    I want him, his cabinet and his whole family including his Minnie me Baron, DEAD!

  4. – ..Lets be clear, this whole government shutdown is a distraction to keep our eyes off Muller and the impending sealed indictment roll outs…Trump actually thought that his shutdown would stop the indictments..Thanks Faux news for continuing to show the American people that you and Trump are frauds..Trump picked a fight with the FBI, DOJ and the Intelligence services..not a good idea..so Roger stone is the latest to fall, next is Steve Bannon…then Donald Junior…then Jared…then POTUS.. Etc..The Republicans with Russian help elected a corrupt family into office…for those of you who think a sitting president can’t be indicted, sit back because you haven’t seen anything yet…Go Nancy….Go Chuck….Go Muller…Go True Americans…

  5. Nah, that's not a "virtual" blizzard, it's a LITERAL blizzard. Cos weather isn't climate, and climate change causes drastic weather events like polar vortices. Which he'd know if he sat down and listened to anyone other than Fox or InfoWars.

  6. Impeach, prosecute, and imprison the narcissistic pig. Have you noticed the complexion of "the donald." He has the same pinkish hue of a cured of ham – which by the way is the ass end of the pig. PIG must be in his DNA. Just like a pig he is incapable of self-reflection or empathy. He operates at the most basic level of eating, and defecating. When it comes time to feed his greed, he will push aside or trample down anything that is in his way, even if it means destroying the Constitution or raping the office that he illegitimately occupies. Just watch trump the SWINE, along with all his loyal piglets, run off the cliff in their orgy of corruption and self indulgence. History has a way of flushing out the abominations that is trump and the gop. Make no mistake, we are in survival mode. The countdown has begun.

  7. This guy is a traitor , a con man, a corrupt man and bad for the country – Impeach this idiot enough of his lies – Chipotle and Taco Bell will pay for your wall – – it's Mueller time – lock this guy up and make America great again – Breaking news Per meeting privately with Tump and Putin – records show – Putin told Trump to destroy America – continue the Chaos your doing a good job trump $$$$$$$$$ wink wink – I got you if they lock you up – you will have the best Suite in Russia – some republicans is under my payroll too no problem – – DOUBLE AGENT 666 – this guy is an Embarrassment – MAGA – My Associates Getting Arrested – Trumps puppet – MAGA -Moscow Agent Governing America

  8. Its because liberals like you do shows like this day in and day out, the red neck alt right feels like attacking the media cameraman and the conservatives don't trust you. Have some sense of balance for America's sake.

  9. They got a bipartisan deal through Congress, everybody. For Republicans, more border security and money to construct 55 miles of fences in places recommended by national security experts; for Democrats, no wall; for both, no shutdown. Now that both have agreed to not building the wall, it's up to Trump whether he takes a stand for his wall and vetoes, becoming the sole reason for another shutdown with all the had press that will entail.

    Republicans have distanced themselves with this and both parties have left Trump just enough rope to hang himself with, should he be stupid enough to try to wear the noose as a victory necklace.

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