Flinch w/ Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Rebel Wilson


James positions himself behind a high-powered cannon and unleashes various foods at Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Rebel Wilson, who are positioned…


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    The film Superheroic tells the story of an young 25 year old woman named Josephine Warren, whose life long dream of hers has been to become a film director, human rights activist, and a citizen of her mother's hometown city and nation of Jerusalem Israel. Josephine Warren, has light scarlet red hair, and she immigrated to Israel from South Miami Florida once she just graduated from USC Film School Summa Cum Laude at the age of 25, At first, her New York City born parents, never wanted Ms. Josephine Warren, to become a film director and artist, and follow her heart. Josephine, persevered through great gallantry, love, courage, and resilience, and never ever said "I give up," no matter how often people told her "never ever become a filmmaker." Her whole entire life, she had mild High Functioning Aspergers Autism and she was bullied her entire life socially because of her disability. When Josephine would come to meet US Navy Seals Admiral, originally from Phoenix Arizona, Admiral Mr. Vincent Everett, 28 years old, who had just returned from his military base in Phoenix Arizona, Admiral Vincent Everett, continued to inspire Ms.  Josephine  Warren, to make a film about her immigration journey from South Miami Florida to Jerusalem Israel, and how she saw the John Crowley film Brooklyn on her airplane that left JFK; Josephine Warren and her friends from Miami Florida, urged Josephine, to never give up on film directing and storytelling, in spite of her disability; At the end of the film Vincent Everett marries Josephine and tells her, "A person is judged by the love, that our own human person and soul carries. Never ever give up. Through resilience, love, heart, and courage, anything is possible."

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