Pop Quiz with BLACKPINK


The stars of the hottest girl band in the world – BLACKPINK – sit down backstage at The Late Show to test their knowledge of each other. Watch…


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  1. Lisa is acting humble like “ a lil bit of English “ and then when everyone choose her she’s like “ yeahhh I speak 4 languages “
    Her English is good if u watch Blackpink house, live u know that n she can be expressive in English please. She knows she’s the best lol and we know

  2. I’m so grateful for Jennie and Rosé for always hyping Lisa & Jisoo’s English when they’re unsure of it. The girls help and fill in each other’s faults and that’s what makes them a wonderful group. Lisa,Jennie,Jisoo & Rosé the best girls 💕

  3. I feel so proud for these girls! I feel like a mother watching my children shining in a foreign country. (But of course I will never be their mother cuz these are pretty unlike me. Lol) They did a good job here. Keep glowing girls!

  4. Lisa…. Marry me…. I’m not Jisoo I’m not oke. My name is Iqra and I love u forever. My heart so bounce. I know ur faaacccee!!!!! 😂 BP house jokes aside, Lisa… u and these 3 queens have turned my life by showing some light at the end of the tunnel. u have shown me happiness in my life. even tho imma girl, yo… u pretty and nasty, ur literally my addiction. My camera roll is all u. I will die for u and you can count on me like 1,2,3 I’ll be there. Ur beautiful inside and out. One day… I will marry u even tho imma girl. Even a ring pop will work. Love you OPPA LIMARIO. Toronto 🇨🇦

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