Trump’s Friends At Fox Don’t Like The Bipartisan Deal


Donald Trump’s main influencers (anchors at Fox News) are trying to bully him into rejecting the bipartisan deal that gets him 55 miles of border…


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  1. I mean, George W. Bush was hardly an intellectual but compared to Trump he was a real brainbox. Trump reveals more and more each day that he is a true simpleton, a total and utter dunce. Amazing really.

  2. Trump is responsible for more than 22 trillion added to our national debt, 22 billion added this month. He is crushing our nation and we are headed to recession, if not a depression. Trump ran his own company into the ground, until he could not borrow more money, now he is ruining our country with his bad judgment. Republicans are too trusting of Trump, he is only in it for himself. Vote Democrat 2020.

  3. Alligators could be added to the river to deter crossings. Not just any alligators but
    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L alligators, the kind you make shoes and handbags out of. Dentists could be hired to make sure they have gleaming teeth. If there are not enough people caught trying to cross the border to feed them, Trumpsters could volunteer to be hand fed to them to make up the difference.

  4. Trump wants to take emergency funds from ACTUAL emergencies to fund his money laundering construction scheme? He's the only one that is well known for screwing over contractors at the expense of the entire state's infrastructure. Now he wants to violate the sanctity of life for his pretend emergency. Oh, Mr. President, I'm sure you don't want to declare a National Emergency. That means someone can actually shoot you for treason, on the spot, as you declare the emergency is in effect. Then the turn of events would be the national guardsman, retired statesman, or vetran would be declared a hero, as they could clearly be shouting "Emergency OVER!".

    How does that sound for a fictional outcome Mr. Trump?

  5. It’s kinda frightening how Trump is normalising double-think in the United States

    We’re building the wall right now, we need money to build the wall.
    Mexican Immigrants are rapists and criminals, Mexicans are great.
    I believe in free speech and freedom of the press, liberal media is the enemy of the people.

  6. you know…a small bit of wall funding isn't the worst idea as far as a compromise goes. the thing is, we already have walls along some sections of the border, right? And the reality of the fact is a single wall isn't likely, we couldn't even get a single fence along the border in past administrations for several reasons (among them being natural barriers like rivers and the whole issue about private property along the border that such a physical barrier would encroach on) but there are some areas with barriers. And then there's the fact that most drugs funneled in and illegal immigrants coming through aren't crossing open plains but coming through customs and staying. Makes sense, you want to be close to a city if your plan is to work and stay. A wall wouldn't affect that at all. So..why not just use that small bit of funding to repair the bits of wall and fencing we already have in place? At this point, I don't think even trump cares about the wall so much as he just wants to say he did something for his brain-dead supporters. So fix up the existing walls, they're already there after all. Might as well keep it functional. The idiots can run around screaming that they got the wall, and the rest of us aren't paying taxes for a 5billion dollar waste of money that'd never get completed properly.

  7. Lollll….welcome to the left ..a place where pple make fun of serious issues and where they laugh at their president but they dont actually use facts or anything lyk that no….they use jokes …..make fun of appearances cos if a policy is not "sexy" it can't ever work …laugh at fox news (one of the few channels to actually tell u real shit)..ADVISE TO ALL AMERICANS ..Just cause u dont like something doesn't mean it won't still be better for ur country in the long run ..u cant keep making policies based on emotions and how they make u look to the outside world…as much as u hate the wall n as much as u believe that most of the immigrants are actually good people who came to work and better themselves u cant deny that not all are good, u dont know their histories ..u have to understand that if a rapist or a dealer or murderer were to pass ur border n perpetrate any of these would have destroyed.a life that didn't have to be destroyed n people always lyk bringing up experiences they have had with some illegal immigrants and how their stories are so horrible n painful and it is through but that immigrants isnt all of them ..the stories that really never make the news is one that tells people how an illegal immigrant ruined someone's life even though there is factual evidence to support this ..think for ur country think for ur economy think for ur children forget how bad it may make u look

  8. LOL im just here for all the butt hurt liberals LOL. I'll tell y'all what… I had 8 years of experience in dealing with incompetence in the oval office. For four easy payments of 19.99 I'll teach you how to get over it and move on LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.

  9. I don't know about others but I, for one, did not vote for DJT and I certainly did not vote for Mr. Dobbs, Ms. Coulter or that smarmy guy, Hanity. I wish someone would cut their air time. Then again, what would DJT do with all of that "executive time"?! (Start calling Judge Janine?)

  10. A wall comb over. Trump can take the 55 miles and comb it forward to cover 2000. Or possibly a transplant. He could take bits of wall from different parts of the country and install it on the border. Finally, something Trump has some experience with.

  11. Considering diverting emergency relief funds from "Commie Blue CA" and non-voting Spanish speaking P.R. – t rump knows his base will have no problem with it. Besides, t rump loves a "lose-win". Others losing makes a lying double talking sociopath's victory against non-supporters taste sweeter.

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