Tự mình đi lấy tiền: Những cái hắt xì hơi để bán


Stephen tuyên bố bước đột phá vào thị trường bùng nổ bán hàng hóa bệnh tật sau khi biết một công ty thực sự bán khăn giấy đã qua sử dụng …


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  1. I feel like back in the day there was something good about getting sick on purpose. All the "childhood" diseases that we now have vaccines for were way more dangerous to get as adults than as children so many parents (including mine in the late 80s/early 90s and my grandparents in the 50s) purposefully exposed their kids to a sick kid just so they would get the chickenpox/mumps/whatever and get it over with. My dad specifically remembers bringing the measles home from school when was about 6 and being quarantined with my uncle so that he would get it too. You don't mess with hardened farm women who grew up in the Great Depression lol.

  2. That’s not true. Once you come down with a natural round of a virus, you become immune to various related strains of the virus. This is very different than a vaccine where the protection to the single strain is questionable at best.

  3. I took my glasses off and facepalmed when Stephen said that vaev was sold out.

    Does that mean I can make a startup where I sell my literal shit in a can, people can learn to be immune to eColi, and I’ll make millions???

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