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Hoa Kỳ là một quốc gia an toàn để ghé thăm cho khách du lịch, tuy nhiên có một số vấn đề bạn có thể không nghĩ đến khi đến New York, New Orleans …


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  1. Very few things scare me in general, but in all honesty, the US scares the living crap out of me. I'm 24 and an Arab. I grew up with American films and music and I have nothing but love for the US and its culture. I'm planning to visit the US with my friend in a month. In fact, I already booked my ticket. It's going to be my very first trip to the US and I'm scared shitless by all the mass shootings and racism that happened in the past couple of years. We're two young adventurous men, so it's normal that we'd want to go on road trips, visit clubs and concerts and all that. We don't want to strictly visit the tourists locations. My question would be: Am I worrying too much over nothing? Is the US really safe? because the media says otherwise, but I also know that if we're going to listen to the media, we might as well not leave our houses.

  2. Stay out of New Orleans, DC, Baltimore, Houston, Chicago, and Phoenix. At least on your first trip to the U.S. once you get accustomed to the general lifestyle then go but be cautious and stay away from the run down neighborhoods/suburbs.

  3. With some beggars in Paris when I was unable to go anywhere (like on a commuter train) I just replied them in Finnish. Seemed to work as intended: appearing like I didn't understand what they were asking.

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