Khiva | Du hành thời gian đến Con đường tơ lụa của Uzbekistan


Tham gia cùng Alex The Vagabond và Marko Aomme, The Vagabrothers khi họ khám phá Khiva, được gọi là "Thành phố bảo tàng" ở miền Tây hoang dã của Uzbekistan. Thành phố này…


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  1. dudes, you are the best. you are the first people who were able to show the country's true beauty. your approach to showing people what is important and what is worth seeing is what I found enticing! keep up the good job, guys!

  2. @vagabrothers thank you for your visit. I'm from Uzbekistan, it's incredible country and local people are very hospitable. Old cities like Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva will take you to time travel. Also you must try local cuisine, you never gonna forget our foods. If you need help with anything you can contact with me by [email protected] Always welcome in Uzbekisan

  3. Hey there! After watching your such amazing Uzbekistan series, I have planned to travel Uzbekistan this summer. By the ways I am just 14. I watched your Udaipur video and I loved it. I loved Marko's Moustache….Such a nice video loved Samarkand, Bukhara And Khiva… By the ways what's that Arabian type of music used at 0:32 and that in the intro of Uzbekistan?

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