Beto O & # 39; Rourke đang tranh cử Tổng thống, Ngày Pi – Độc thoại


Cuộc độc thoại của Seth Meyers từ Thứ Năm ngày 14 tháng Ba »» Đăng ký vào Đêm muộn: »Nhận thêm Đêm muộn với Seth Meyers: …


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  1. That last joke fits right in with today's internet world, doesn't it? I actually saw somebody in the comments of a Richiefromboston video say "N. Korea doesn't exist! It's all CGI!" This world is probably a bigger psycho ward than it ever has been at any time in the past, thanks to the internet providing a platform for every screwball in the world to spout their BS from, and for all the other idiots to run across and buy into.

  2. Did you know that SOCIALISM is the NEW SLAVERY 2.0? YES! It keeps the people poor and at the same social level, instead of slashing or torturing its "modern slaves" forcing them obedience, SOCIALISM is more sophisticated than that! It washes people's minds with ideological propaganda perpetuating power to the elite class in government. Did you know that? #dnc #cnn #msnbc #nbc (SHARE THIS COMMENT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY, OPEN EYES!)

  3. We need Beto like we need a shot to the head. He has a history of voting to the RIGHT of most Texan Democrats. TYT looked at his voting record and found that he voted an average of 77% to the right of typical Texas Democrats. We don't need that garbage, we need a true progressive not one that calls himself one even though he is nothing but a Republican -lite. Go look up his voting history you doubt me.

  4. Anyone else see the “This is a Sign” Man outside the Manafort and Roger Stone Trials…? He was dressed in a Purple and then a Green wig holding a sign?

    I’ve seen on a few threads (A Right Winger) a phrase saying, “Wait for a Sign” and “Stay calm and wait for a sign.”

    Needless to say this all is probably a complete coincidence and an illogical leap, but And all of the science fiction I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, even TV shows these things start on the fringes in the back chat rooms. Maybe just being paranoid.

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