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Không, đôi mắt của bạn không lừa dối bạn. Một tá đảng Cộng hòa Thượng viện đã phá vỡ Donald Trump để từ chối Khẩn cấp Quốc gia của ông để tài trợ cho bức tường biên giới ….


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  1. It may not be national but why doesn't Trump talk about the fact that a meme-spewing white supremacist massacred Muslims in a mosque while filming it live?

    Oh yeah brown people are scary especially when they're on the ground bleeding crying for help and getting shot in the head and run over by a meme-spewing rightist coward.

  2. Ok, Trump is normally a bumbling idiot with insults that sound like he stole them from first graders, but that one Rand Paul dis was pretty good. I suppose that with all that chaff there was bound to be at least a little wheat mixed in.

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