Tạo đêm thứ bảy trực tiếp: Phần 44 Diễn viên – SNL


Hãy nhìn vào hậu trường trong buổi chụp hình cho buổi chụp hình mùa thứ 44 của Saturday Night Live. Điều chỉnh vào SNL Thứ Bảy lúc 11:30 tối ….


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  1. In my opinion, I liked the season 37 cast the best. Maybe it was because it was the one I started watching SNL with but mainly I just loved their chemistry together. Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are probably my favorites from that cast too because they could play almost anybody like Kate does these days.

  2. The cast has become rather boring except for some of them…have no clue why Pete Davidson is even in the show because he is not funny and so annoying that I have to change channels when he is on..

  3. You know what boggles me? 145 cast members in 44 years. Currently there are 16 cast members, most ever in a single season. Just think about that. 11% of total cast members ever are on the show in just one of its 44 years but yet each week we see Baldwin, Steve Martin, Ben Stiller and a pile of other 'former' cast members. Baldwin has actually been on the show more times since Trump was elected than some current cast members. Hell, I think Bill Hader and Tina Fey have been on the show more times after he left than when they were actually on the show! If I was a current cast member I would be saying, "Hey, wait a minute here."

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