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Khi mọi người nghĩ về Kaliningrad, Nga, họ thường hình dung những bãi biển tuyệt đẹp hoặc một làng chài cổ kính. Nhưng trong thời gian dừng chân tại World Cup của anh ấy …


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  1. British air force in World II War was destroy this town. Wipe and melting to dust the center and industrial basis of the city.

    Actually, the center of this town, Island Kniephof was absolutely architecturally beauty. Stone's pavement, tight narrow street, elevated and majestic trade-hauses which always have for sale frash "golden" bread and fish. And beer if you want. 100% garanty. Natural and tasty.

    It's pity that we don't see this no more.

  2. "Went back to Russia"…?? Are you kidding? This is a scandalous revision of 19th and 20th century history.
    Do some research, National Geographic–I realize you're basically shilling for travel industry concerns, but come on.

  3. It is a shame how most of its original buildings and its medieval castle was leveled after they were damaged in the WW2 bombings… I wish I could go back in time to see that beautiful city as it once stood!

  4. "Changed hands and twice and went back to Russia?"

    Huh???? It never was Russian before then. You can make an argument for Polish, Lithuanian, German or independent Prussian but not that it went back to Russia. It never had been Russian.

    Now after 70 years it does not matter anymore in the sense that the people there are Russians of several generations but that statement is historically dubious at best.

  5. the soviets leveled the entire city after ww2 to build commie blocks and factories. all of the buildings in this video are restorations, and of course, soviet restorations are not very accurate.

  6. Better to tell about Soviets who DESTROYED XII century CASTLE as a SYMBOL OF HITLERISM! 12 century!!! And they built a massive block-building on that place which is now EMPTY! And tell about the stupid mayor of the city who builds disgusting shopping malls and flats.

  7. My grandfather had to flee in WWII from Königsberg/Kaliningrad to Hamburg.
    It's history isn't as bright, as it seems in this video.
    My grandfather was against the NS-Regime in this time.
    Our Family had proberty in Königsberg.
    After the russian soldiers came, he was poor and had to start a new life in Hamburg.
    Russian colonists live in his house now.

    But sure – it's a beautiful city. 🐒

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