Những bí ẩn của Moai trên đảo Phục Sinh | Địa lý quốc gia


Một xã hội Polynesia nở rộ ở địa phương khó tin này sau khi những linh hồn mạnh mẽ bằng cách nào đó điều hướng một đội tàu ca nô bằng gỗ đến …


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  1. I wouldn’t doubt it if these were somehow burial mounds made for very important people, possibly chiefs or something along that line, and the more influential, or powerful they were the bigger their statue would become. Just a theory.

  2. We only think travel is difficult because we see it as plane, cars, boat, distance, and cost. Those days people only thought of discovery and preserving their culture. All our modern variables were in those days willpower.

  3. Why do we still believe the Polynesians created the Moai when they themselves admit they have little religious or physical connection to them. Also, why do we still go by false dates which suggest they were build relatively late in polynesian history. I dont know the actual dates but most likely they will say somewhere around the ballpark of 1400ad? pretty conveniant for european explorers.

    That date is hilarious since some of the statues are covered in about 20 ft of sediment. My theory is that the statues were erected when sea levels were lower and more land was available. Theres no other way around this since the current ecosystem couldnt possibly be able to support the building and erecting of the statues. Modern day scholars have a problem admitting the statues were erected 7000 to 8000 years ago, considering the sea levels were lower at the time. Also everywhere you look around the world that is the case. People are afraid to admit There was possibly a super advanced anti deluvian civilization in our ancient past and the implications of that…

  4. Let me tell you something, Polynesians are incredible sea fairers, they used the constellations to navigate the ocean, Saw fish swimming patterns to know where they were headed. Infact there is proof Polynesians reached America a long time ago, First they have had potatoes which are indigenous to America, and second the most solid proof NativeAmerican People HAVE Polynesian DNA in them. They mixed with them when they reached the America thousands of years ago. Polynesians are my cousins they're awesome, love their ways of life and culture.

  5. Uma paisagem paradisíaca …e um património de estátuas "vivas" … Serão assim tão misteriosas? Serão de pessoas desaparecidas no mar…serão de pessoas importantes da ilha…serão uma homenagem? Na pré-história eram uma forma de exaltar o belo mesmo deformadas e feitas de pedra …as esculturas eram uma prática e reflectiam cada acto da vida terrena … será subtil ou oculta esta arte nas faces simbólicas resistentes ao tempo??

  6. Don’t know who does this videos for Nat Geo, or why. So many wrong facts. We do know what the statues were for, it’s not a miracle that Polynesian navigators reached this or other islands. Whoever did this video didn’t even read the NG magazine articles on it. What a shame.

  7. Too bad we'll never know why these heads exist in the first place. Such a huge effort to make especially with the limited availability of tools used at the time. Maybe, they must have just really liked human statues and made it just because. This is one of the places I will sure visit one day though. Thanks for sharing National Geographic.

  8. Clearly, they angered a Sacred Bunny, who demanded tribute in the form of statues. When they constantly forgot to add the ears, He abandoned them, and took up work as an anthropomorphic personification of the spring because he totally owed Santa a solid.

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