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  1. Hi, I might go this year to IMATS, but I am living in Mexico and have no idea how is it over there, can u pls help me how far is Pasadena from the intnl airport pls? I might stay at sheratons cos it seems to be very close, if u have any recommendations pls let me know, I would appreciate it a lot!!! :))) Thank you very much!! Take care, Darla

  2. xteeener! love you! :DD
    o yeaah.. when you will do the review about concealer in a jar in beige nyx and mac studio finish..I am waiting for that..and also is it works soo nice for the nyx foundation brush bo5?? Thanks 🙂 miss yaa!

  3. Hello! I would really appreciate it if you did a review/tutorial on the MUFE HD Foundation. I've been hearing mixed reviews about it and I'd like to see how you put it on. It looks great on you! I really want to try it out but I'd like to see your application process and what its pros and cons are first. Pretty please? 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Girl keep doing exactly what you're doing! You're one of my fav gurus because you seem the most real, down-to-earth and friendly. And you actually interact with your subscribers and always say thank you no matter what. You are so refreshing, hun! 😀

  5. Tell us more about dinair!!!! Pleeease!!! I just bought a kit and the foundation looks pretty good but I'm having a problem with it lasting for too long! Do you have n e suggestions or tips on how to make the freshly airbrushed look stay all day!???

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