Giai đoạn trở lại: Nathan & Chesi vs Savannah Brister – The Voice 2019 (Độc quyền kỹ thuật số)


"Cô ấy từng là của tôi" của Savannah Brister đi ngược lại với "Lạc trôi" của Nathan & Chesi. Bebe Rexha sẽ tiến tới vòng tiếp theo? " Được…


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  1. Dude Nathan and chesi make me believe in the magic of love.. they're newlyweds who got married soon after meeting and their chemistry is absolutely unreal to watch. How lucky to find your soulmate in life and music

  2. Savannah sings with such emotional impact and if Jarmon screws up, I predict Savannah will win the Voice 2019. But I doubt Jarmon will falter.
    Forget the rest of the competitors, the battle for victory is between these 2.
    Just my opinion.

  3. Savannah deservedly won this but is no one going to acknowledge the fact that there has been a massive improvement in Nathan and Chessi, their pitch is better and their harmonies are finally coming through!

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