Jade Flores biểu diễn "Giai điệu vô song" của anh em chính nghĩa tại Tuần lễ Hollywood – American Idol


Jade Flores biểu diễn "Unchained Melody" của The Righteous Brothers trước Luke Bryan, Katy Perry và Lionel Richie tại Tuần lễ Hollywood. Xem thêm …


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  1. Someone said she was cut because she wasn't "marketable". What's not marketable about her? Her voice? Get outta here… ! Her style? If you want fancy duds, put 'em on her. Her size? Ahem, think Elle King and move on. Personality? She could reign in the bubbly some, but she's open and likable. To Jade: all I can say is, you've been seen and heard now. And many of us want to see and hear more from you. Post video of more of your music, show the world who you are. Don't let us forget. I'm disappointed you were cut so early, not given the chance dazzle with some polished shine.

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