Laine Hardy hát The Black Crowes & Ashton Gill hát Bonnie Raitt tại American Idol Hollywood Week


Laine Hardy hát "She Talks to Angels" của The Black Crowes và Ashton Gill hát "I Can Make You Love Me" của Bonnie Raitt tại Tuần lễ Hollywood ….


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  1. The tone of Ashton's voice is beautiful but she stuck with just two notes. I think her downfall was lack of variation. If she took it lower or higher on the second part it would've had more emotion and feeling. It was too robotic

  2. I believe she would have never gotten a ticket to hollywood IF she wasn't Laine's Friend. They couldn't send Laine and then send her home. They were totally unimpressed with her first performance too. And she is no where close top female country singers. Laci sounds so much better!

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