5 MISTAKES Tất cả khách du lịch lần đầu thực hiện


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  1. I do public transport while in Europe, but one must be aware that pickpockets abound in those modes of transportation. Do public transport with caution. It may be cheaper, but you may end up paying more in the long run if you are not extremely careful.

  2. When I was in Japan, it took a month until my friends went to get Burger King. Like when we were in Tokyo! There's Ramen, Okonomiyaki, Karage, sushi, Soba… 🙁 I just went and had Ramen by myself instead of going with them. (Seriously though Okonomikaki is <3 <3 <3 <3 and I miss it very much ^_^)

  3. While on a hiking trip in the UK in 2017…
    I chose to use their train network extensively…
    Arrive at Heathrow and train to Reading ,
    1st day: obtain replacement phone because I left mine at home and wander around Reading…
    2nd day: Train Day trip to London and return
    3rd day: Laundry day to ensure I didn't run out of clothes while hiking (I deliberately packed light)
    4th day: Train to Weston-Super-Mare
    5th day to 9th day: hike from Weston-Super-Mare to Frome.
    10th day: Train to Cardiff
    11th day: rest day
    12th day: wander around Cardiff & a concert in St Dafyd's concert hall.
    13th day: wander around Cardiff
    14th day: Laundry day

    15th day: Train to St Ives
    16th day to 19th day: hike from St Ives around Lands End to Penzance
    20th day: Train to Swindon to catch up with an old school mate.
    21st day: wander around Swindon
    22nd day: Train Day trip to Bath
    23rd day: Laundry day
    24th day: Train to Paddington [Planned walk to Kings Cross but caught a black cab instead]
    ______ Train to Cambridge
    25th day: Wandered around the University town
    26th day: Train day trip to Ely with its Cathedral
    27th day: rest day
    28th day: Train to Heathrow and fly home

  4. This channel consistently has great travel advice. To anyone who wants to travel but is a novice, just follow the advice from Wolters World and you will be fine.

    The thing that bothers me is people who fall into the trap of taking pictures instead of living in and experiencing the moment. I remember watching 100 people watch the changing of the guard at Windsor Castle through the screen if their iPads and phones instead of using their eyes. That is a massive mistake. Never let the photos get in the way of the experience.

  5. +1 on not trying to cram in too much and have down days. I think this one is psychologically difficult; odds are you're considering the cost per day of the trip and the likelihood of you returning, both of which encourage making the most of each day. Unfortunately, reality isn't psychologically soothing, and I've found that a down day for every 5 days away works pretty well for recharging both physically and mentally. We tend to walk whenever possible while abroad or in locations that permit it, which is a lot more than we get during an average workday. Adding fatigue to overworked muscles and joints is a recipe for misery…let your body rest! The mental aspect is similar; if you're constantly bombarding yourself with something new and awe-inspiring multiple times a day, eventually things that would impress you normally become no big deal because you just can't stay perpetually stimulated. Varying activities can go a long way…spending a day or part of a day in a park people watching can be very relaxing for both body and mind and will help keep your passion high when needed.

  6. never made any of those mistakes, I even got fluent in 12 languages, memorized the maps of destinations and made some friends on location before I went. And I always plan more than I can handle, so I don't run out of fun.

  7. I hardly bring much stuff. My parents always bring so much, while my brother just comes with a small backpack and I just have a small carry on even for 2 week trips! i did a lot of cultural stuff in Japan, like tea ceremony, kimono experience, dressing up as a lolita and sushi and takoyaki making. I find such things hard to come across in Europe, so I usually just ended up going on all these tours

  8. My holiday packing philosophy is "travel out light, come back heavy". Pack a smaller suitcase inside a slightly larger one on the way out if you've already got lots of cases, it's easier to travel with, otherwise buy another case while you're away

  9. Another common mistake is not at least doing some little research on the language spoken in the country you’re visiting. Even if Hi and thank you is all you know in the foreign language it still goes such a longer way that just automatically expecting everyone has to speak your language. Once you’re in the country you can also pick up some more phrases and sayings and that goes a long way even if you’re completely butchering them 😀

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