Alejandro Aranda & Eddie Island hát những bài hát gốc tại Tuần lễ Hollywood – American Idol 2019 trên ABC


Alejandro Aranda và Eddie Island hát những bài hát gốc tại Tuần lễ Hollywood. Hãy nghe "Mười năm" của Alejandro và "1974" của Eddie khi họ biểu diễn chúng trong …


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  1. I HAVE TO SAY THIS. I came for Alejandro, Obviously. But i cant get over the fact that they bashed Eddie like that! His song was not bad and his voice is honestly really good. With that said Alejandro's song was PHENOMENAL! His voice is fascinating and mesmerizing I seriously cant stop replaying his part. I also have a huge feeling that this video may not get a lot of views compared to the others because instead of hitting replay I just keep rewinding to Alejandro's part as i'm sure many others are as well!

  2. Eddie fell into a trap. Just because he made it past auditions he thinks he's an artist which led him to believe he can compose an original piece called 1974. Classic example of not knowing your place, Eddie you're a cover singer not a song writer and it shows. Keep practicing I guess.

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