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  1. I've been wanting to try that drugstore foundation but not sure what shade I need. I'm an NC20. Can anyone recommend a shade? What's your favorite drugstore foundation it fav bb cream that has coverage

  2. hi, been following you for quite a long time. Just liking your review and make up technique (y). Love to trying out many many kind of make up you've shared but unfortunately so difficult to have it in Jakarta. Just for sharing, I have my faves make up cleaner oil, it is DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 🙂

  3. theBalm Meet Matt(e) Palette looks so nice. I love my sleek palette. They cheap and great to use. I want to try the Cover Girl Trublend Liquid Makeup but I don't know what color I would be in. I'm going to look in the the BeautyRX Balancing Cleaner but it's probably super expensive. ):

  4. As soon as this video popped up I thought, 'wow her makeup looks beautiful'! I would love to see what you used, you look very fresh and perky with this look.  Also I looked at your 'style a white tee' video for the blouse you have on in this video, maybe it's my old eyes but I can't see the shirt.

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