Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon biểu diễn Roberta Flack Hit tại Tuần lễ Hollywood – American Idol 2019 trên ABC


Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon biểu diễn bài "Lần đầu tiên tôi thấy mặt" của Roberta Flack tại Tuần lễ Hollywood trước Luke Bryan, Katy Perry và …


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  1. He is an amazing singer. He took a classic of one of the most beautiful songs ever written and sang it beautifully. When he sang in his head voice, it was heavenly. That was a gutsy song choice and he nailed it! He's one of the best singers in the comp. His interpretation of whatever he sings is moving. He's top 5.

  2. I'ven been blessed to have heard many of the best musicians and singers perform live, this guy is just as good. What an amazing Talent and great personality as well. I would buy his album without having heard what's on it, right now!

  3. Butter smooth. This guy could be right there with the likes of Johnny Mathis, Perry Como, Andy Williams etc.
    And to the family that ostracized him : too bad for you and your iron age philosophy. Guess we'll all root for him instead in the modern era where sexual preference is irrelevant

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