Kobe Bryant Needs Just One Modeling Look


James asks Kobe Bryant about his modeling days and brings out some shots from an old photoshoot and has supermodel Cara Delevingne quickly chooses…


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  1. I think it's really nice of James to point out the obvious (yet from some seen as conflicting) – that Cara looked astonishing in her outfit and that she had the best look there was for the occasion. For me speaking – I absolutely loved it too when I saw it the first time and it's really kind that he complimented her on it 🙂

  2. El ultimo like encontrara un millob de pesos😍🤗❤
    Talvez muchos no lo lean o lo ignoren😔
    Pero se que alguien de buen corazón lo leera😍mi nombre es ESNEIDER TOBÓN
    Y mi nombre artistico es NIÑO LEN 😎y mi sueño es ser un grande artista😔sufro burlas de la gente que dice que no lograré nada😕😕pero eso no me hace retroceder y sigo intentando dia a dia ….te agradezco que hagas parte de mi musica y te suscribas a mi canal gracias amigo .un abrazo 😍😍😍

  3. It's really weird especially in this #metoo era to see a person who was accused of rape and didn't really demonstrate his innocence being treated like Kobe is being treated right now by media. People who had done way less bad things are being ostracized.
    I mean, I'm a huge fan of him as a player but if you look at how media treat alleged predatory behavior or misconduct (and people accused of rape) it's just so strange that he gets a free pass

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