Mikaela Astel và The Bundys Battle to "Songbird" – The Voice Battles 2019


Đội Mikaela Astel và The Bundys của Kelly biểu diễn "Songbird" trong The Voice Battles. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice: …


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  1. this is the 16th season of The Voice US and you're all only complaining now about duos and trios (and probably more) being allowed to compete when they've always been allowed? and about how the title doesn't make sense "because its The Voice and not The Voices"? where were all of you before this, i wonder

  2. Didn't the trio have their audition air earlier than Mikaela's? And evens till Mikaela's has a lot more views. Because…… Mikaela is the best female voice on the show and then gets thrown under the bus by all judges.

    Also, the show is called The Voice, yet the judges keep talking about tons of things unrelated to the voice, sucha s stage presence.

  3. I was SOOOOO ANNOYED when the Bundys won. Anyone who goes on the Voice with more than one person annoys me first of all. Second of all, the Bundys are pretty good of course, but they just sound like anyone you'd hear at a bar in Nashville. Mikaela is one-of-a-kind. Her voice is so insanely unique and cool, and she has a true gift. So her voice shook twice. Soooo what? Now I'm SO annoyed…

  4. I really liked Mikaela, and I think a trio is a gimmick the show doesn't need, but I wasn't surprised she lost. This was a much more strained performance. She was surprisingly tight (maybe not so surprising since she's 14!). She could have gone a little ways in the competition, but the coaches recognized that she was unlikely to win. Also, didn't Kelly say that she wasn't that great with nerves?

  5. I love Mikaela's voice and her performance in this, but I think Kelly made the right choice. The Bundys have more experience and it shows – they're a bit more polished and just seem more ready. And there are other indie singers and teenagers that seem like they could go farther than Mikaela (mainly Lili, and I think Cecily showed a lot of promise too). But I'm still bummed we won't get to see more of her on the show!

  6. Im sorry but I could only focus on Mikaela, she stands out and has a very rare voice that is absolutely beautiful and three against one? Yea okay, they were good but Mikaela stood out and thats what they are lookin for supposedly.

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