New, Confusing Developments In Jussie Smollett's Case


The Jussie Smollett case reminds us that, regardless of race or sexual orientation, all rich, famous people get off easy. Subscribe To “The Late…


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  1. Whats confusing? Hillary still not strung up? John Brennan, Adam Shiff for brains, Rod Rosenwitz, COMEY!!, Uma Abedine, Jerry Nadler, Barry Hussein O., etc (could throw another 20 liberal names on this pile of sht) not incarcerated either?! Pffft, careful what you libtards wish for, it'll be a real bitch someday when the shoes on the other foot…..and the notorious (and w/Hollywood…INFAMOUS) weak mind of the liberals will have to deal with it(impossible, they'll go insane). Lol…and PLEASE, while I have your attention….can you please start the shortest civil war soon? Lol….dumb a s ses! MAGA!!! Colbert….TELL SOME JOKES! Russia, Russia…Russia! How bout Stormy Daniels? Or just go RACIST! lol….idiot!

  2. About Jussie… We don't need to understand as white people., We need to step back and stay in our lane. Let's revisit this when cops stop killing black people for being black, until all the 911 white panic calls stop, it not on the table. It's not like he sold his name to brothels in China, pimping women and children, while sitting in the president's chair.

  3. Jussie Smollett committed a crime by his attention-seeking duplicity against all who have been ACTUAL victims of hate crimes. Unfortunately our country is lousy with white nationalists (including even in the Oval Office) who will gleefully use this case to push a narrative that hate crimes are not a real problem. In fact, hate crime incidents have exploded since this president took office. This case puts non-white, non-heterosexual, non-gender conforming, non-Christian, and anyone in possession of whatever non-“normal” characteristic a hateful person might think you possess at risk. This declining to take action in this ridiculous case is a failure of American justice and a victory for an elitist system that habitually victimizes the poor and maintains oppression under the guise of “law and order.” Anyone who truly believes that American justice is at all blind or fair; or that it reliably protects the most vulnerable, has been sold a bill of goods. The only ones who are afforded the luxury of such ignorance are the children of unearned wealth and privilege.

  4. Says Smollett has not been exonerated.
    Smollett: "I have been exonerated!"
    Everyone: "I don't believe that."

    Says Trump has not been exonerated.
    Trump: "I have been exonerated."
    Everyone: "Oh gee, I guess I believe it."

  5. "well we all know he just got off because he's black."

    come on, where are all the racist remarks over how he only got off because of the color of his skin?
    oh i'm sorry, i forgot we only say stuff like that about white people.

  6. Now you see what the leftist crazies including this show with Trump derangement syndrome have created people like this and hear me on this it is only going to get worse and we will all lose on this in the worst kind of way and that everything you were all worried about Trump with will be small in comparison with what people like Jussie will get away with.

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