Quận Hồ, Anh: thắng cảnh


Rick lái xe vòng quanh Quận Hồ dài 20 dặm qua các thung lũng mục vụ, vượt qua những ngọn núi hiểm trở và bên cạnh những hồ nước yên bình. Dừng lại trên đường …


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  1. For a seasoned traveler this Rick guy displays a lot of ignorance. While his lack of knowledge about cricket is understandable, his insistence that the various terms, bowler, run, batsman etc are some reinterpretation of U.S. baseball terminology is laughable; cricket having been around much longer than baseball….or is that Rounders?

  2. From Keswick head south and visit Grasmere and Ambleside and then cross over the Wrynose and Hardknott Pass and head for Wasdale Head with Wast Water and the Scafells , following a pint in the Wasdale Head Inn which sits in the shadow of Great Gable you can head back to Keswick. Also do the Honnister Pass south of Derwent Water.

  3. Spent time here a few months ago, and really enjoyed that drive…but the road is much more narrow, tortuous, and, in places, STEEPER than this video shows!!  Can't wait to go back.  

  4. I think it is great that Rick connects w/ ordinary people rather than visiting only the usual tourist sites. It gives one a feel for the personality of a country that is otherwise missed. And yes, I too am glad that I work in a carpeted, air conditioned office, and not in a slate mine. 09/18/2013

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