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Này, các bạn! (XEM TẠI HD) Đây là VIDEO KHÔNG GIỚI HẠN TRƯỚC !!!!!!! Nếu tôi có cơ hội quay những phim này trong suốt tháng 10 và tháng 11 thì tôi sẽ làm! Tôi hi vọng…


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  1. I started at the beginning and have been watching your videos in chronological order, so I know this video is old but this makeup look would have been super cute with some fake freckles! I can totally see wearing this look to a pumpkin patch 😍😍😍🍊🍊🍊

  2. I have the Mahogany teakwood candle and I love it!! I can only burn it for 10 minutes though before it gives me a stomach ache 😂
    I'm watching these old videos to hold me over! Hope you and your family stay safe ❤️❤️

  3. I am obsessed literally obsessed with candles and it hurts my soul that I can't get my hands on bath & body works' candles! I hear everyone talking about them and I really really reaaalllyy want to smell the candles rn 😩😩😩😩

  4. You probably already know about this website…but I wanted to share with you anyway!! There is a website called Ivory Ella…they have t-shirts with different elephants on them. They have long sleeved tees, short sleeve tees, etc! If you don't know about it…check it out! I think a portion of the profits are given to protect elephants!

  5. kathleen i am so distressed they discontinued radiant red maple and i have burnt through the last of mine without realizing this and i am having a panic attack. i am literally here because i need radiant red maple in my life and i am kind of living vicariously through you.

  6. So it's cold and raining here in Tampa so I decided to go on a Kathleen-athon! Your are freaking hilarious!!! You could have edited out the end but you rocked that powdered nose girl 😂You are definitely my spirit animal!! Lol

  7. With healing crystals(stones), I've used them quite a few times and have done a lot of research on them. In a book I have about them, it says the stones "don't like to be in the darkness". Putting them on a windowsill with the sun coming in. Lots of sunlight; like plants. They absorb more energy that way. And to cleanse them after every time you use them with sea salt. Put the ones you just used in a bowl of sea salt and let them sit. I don't remember how long. Healing stones are wonderful and meditating with them makes my anxiety calm down so much and my anxiety is to the point where I have felt like breaking down almost every day.

  8. I know I'm very late watching this video buttttt I have had very bad anxiety and felt stressed or depressed for a couple years until I tried doterra natural oils! I got the serenity blend and used it everyday for about 2 weeks and my anxiety has almost fully gone away since I've been using it (8+months) whenever I feel anxious I put a drop in my hand and breath it in or put 2 drops in a bath and my anxiety goes away!!

  9. You take the crystals out of the bag, and remember to wash them maybe every 3 months or something (it up to you, but wash them and make sure you can wash then because some crystals you shouldn't wash, or get a get a crystal washer spray) You can google or get a book all about crystal and how to look after them. It would be a let easier then me explain it to you because of my poor grammar.

  10. Natural remedies for anxiety:
    Chamomile tea
    GABA- can find at any health store
    Valerian root- wal Mart
    Calcium citrate- everywhere
    Magnesium brand (Natrual Calm)- health food stores – lemon is my fav
    St. John's wart
    Sublingual vitamin B complex
    Cinnamon capsules
    *Slices of any citrus fruit in water (do not store in plastic container) [orange shows up in many things you use; your body maybe telling you "give me oranges"]
    Vitamin D- take at night right before you go to bed

  11. Girl healing stones are the best. I got to the cutest little shops all the time and get different stones for whatever I'm feeling or something I feel a lot. Seriously I wear one everyday depending on the mood im having or what I'm feeling or what I have to do that day. I always wear a quarts under my shirt when I go to work because it boost your energy and you literally feel like you are bouncing off the walls. They even have ones that help with headaches and with cramps for your period. Its awesome.

  12. OMG, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up! My sister bought me this book for my birthday last January (because I am a teensy bit of a hoarder) and it seriously CHANGED MY LIFE! I love Marie Kondo and the book is amazing!

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