Savannah Brister và Maelyn Jarmon Trận chiến "Khi chúng ta còn trẻ" – The Voice Battles 2019


Savannah Brister và Maelyn Jarmon của Team Legend biểu diễn "Khi chúng ta còn trẻ" trong The Voice Battles. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice: …


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  1. Maelyn’s voice is so generic and basic. Yes she sounds good and is very talented, but Savannah’s voice is so much more unique and organic. Much more controlled and powerful than maelyn’s. Very few people have voices like savannah, she’s truly unique, however I feel that maelyn is a dime a dozen- I’ve heard many voices similar to hers. There’s too much to it, and it’s too forced. Too much trying to be jammed into a song, but that’s not always what’s best. Not every song needs to be overdone, and that’s the type of singer maelyn is in my opinion.

  2. They were both beautiful, but Maelyn won that before it started. Thank god Savannahs still in the competition!
    Maelyn Jarmon has an angelic voice……

    Both of them had pour their feelings in this was my favorite part, cause that's how you justify an Adele's song ❤✌
    Listening to Maelyn is like walking in the clouds. Delicious, perfect, passionate tone of voice. If America does not ruin everything again, she has to be in the final and with a good chance of winning. Maelyn is so special, lovely!

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