Uche hát bài "Vết sẹo cho người đẹp của bạn" của Alessia Cara tại Tuần lễ Hollywood – American Idol 2019 trên ABC


Uche hát bài "Scars To Your Beautiful" của Alessia Cara tại Tuần lễ Hollywood trước Katy Perry, Luke Bryan và Lionel Richie. Xem thêm về người Mỹ …


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  1. I loved Uche when I saw his audition, but I love him even more after this. I know just how his sisters must feel, because I too have a talented, loving, caring, supportive big brother. Uche, you are great singer, but an even greater man.

  2. He complaining about people seeing him all the time as this up beat person on stage , but yet he’s the one who gave off that first impression . Ppl remember you from when they first see you . I didn’t like this at all tho , I think he’s too extra with his runs .

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