Charles Barkley và Stephen thực hiện đặt cược mười sáu ngọt ngào


Charles Barkley và Stephen đặt cược lớn vào trận đấu Sweet Sixteen giữa UNC và Auburn. Đăng ký kênh "The late show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. …NEXT LEVEL…as long as any piece of HIS dream of a chosen people lives===he calls to me…and with GOD all things are possible===AGAINST ALL ODDS……I'll take you up take you down take you over and under till the BEAT OF YOUR HEART SOUNDS LIKE THE ROAR OF THUNDER!!!!!! 👽🧙‍♀️👐===YOU…NICK JONAS–JEALOUS💕👨‍💻

  2. This is a guy for whom money is literally everything.
    Who thinks that NBA players have no right to ever be sad because they have money.
    “They ain’t got no problems. That’s total bogus.”
    He's a shallow, tone-deaf sociopath.

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