Healthcare, Puerto Rico Aid, Special Olympics: Everything Must Go!


The week is halfway through and Trump’s White House has already taken aim at gutting ObamaCare, Puerto Rico aid, and funding for the Special Olympics.


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  1. I never really thought Donald colluded with Russia so it doesn't change my opinion of him. Still a piece of shit. Also how dumb are people to think the democrats are actually gonna take away your planes, cars and cows?

  2. Dammit Stephen, we can't keep funding all these expensive programs for the poor and disadvantaged AND ensure that billionaires and their spawn get to wallow in uninhibited, decadent splendor like pigs in a mudhole.

  3. The special Olympics are dedicated to veterans, yet a lots of veterans still vote for him.. amazing !! Not to mentions about try to use veterans money to build wall, the healthcare system that beneficially all american he will revoke .🤔🤔🤔

  4. Late night may be best source of accurate information about the pure evil of Conservatives! Delivered in a way that's easier to absorb funny amd far more honest that any reich wing media. Wow comedians are more honest than the conservative media and politicians. AMERICA IS A DEMOCKERY WITH A PRESIDUNCE FROM SEA OF STINKING CRAP TO SEA OF STINKING CRAP NOW.💩

  5. It does make sense that people like Donald Trump less after the Mueller report because people know all the despicable things that Donald Trump keeps getting away with. Now he is getting away with illegalities on the backs and reputation of us, the United States citizens. He is a waste of oxygen and that will never change.

  6. I don't believe that the Special Olympics should be funded by the federal government. They should still compete and should be treated fairly in competition. The funding does come from other sources and barely any comes from the government. But in today's economy, every little bit saved helps

  7. They said violence isn't the answer but you know what? It worked for France when their kings became too arrogant. OFF WITH HIS HEAD! Of course that's when people had a backbone. Now they rather just randomly shoot up schools.

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