Lễ hội Carnival ở Thụy Sĩ


Trong lịch sử, các lễ hội Carnival đã giúp châu Âu vượt qua mùa đông đen tối kéo dài. Và người Thụy Sĩ – nổi tiếng là đúng đắn và …


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  1. Switzerland, I stayed 2 months last summer. Good memories, nice people, magnificent landscape, but ….very expensive to live.
    I have an entire playlist about living in Switzerland.
    My passion is to travel the world, like you, it's what I do, and especially connect and settle easily, that's why I stay longer in a country, from some months to a year.
    Feeling at home in a new country, feeling like you belong is crucial to avoid homesickness. It's what I want for anyone, that's why I create video's to inspire people it's possible!!!

    Happy journey!

  2. the carneval of lucerne ist already in u tube.the most beautiful is the music the 100 bands have each one about 40 until 50 members and play really good songs of the radio.people from children until old persons dance on the street and have costumes.take a look the sound of the bands in u tube.

  3. I am always so sad when winter is over. I like everything about winter, cold, snow, long nights… But I am glad when summer is over because I hate heat, and insects and days are so freaking long I hate this, it makes me tired and out of mood. I'm actually more scared of summer's unbearable heat than winter's freezing cold, I must be one of the most heat intolerant person on earth, but I am very cold resistant 🙂

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