NHỮNG CHIẾN LƯỢC CỦA Laine Hardy trong các vòng nhóm tại Tuần lễ Hollywood – American Idol 2019 trên ABC


Nhóm Diamond Dixies biểu diễn "Grenade" của Bruno Mars tại Tuần lễ Hollywood. Xem nếu Katie Belle, Laine Hardy, Colby Swift và Laci Kaye …


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  1. i that colby was not sing a song that he now i would have not done that one not fare for him to be gone when he did not now that song he sounds like a kid that never even herd that song before you could not get my husband to play it in are house he hate that kind of music best of luck i hope some day to here you on my radio i play you all the time in are house we love old time country music

  2. I honestly don't think Colby should have been eliminated. His voice is so unique to me and he kept going regardless of forgetting some of the words. I disagree with the choice. But on another note, Laine’s voice gives me joy!

  3. Too many same same style singers. A dime a dozen. Laci and Katie nothing different to what we havent heard already (great singers just not memorable). Colby and Laine are different, time to shift Idol and find the unique singers, of which their are plenty in Idol.

  4. You will be the next George Straight. Keep your head up you have the talent an the sound an the witty come backs . God has blessed you and God bless y’all. Colby don’t let them tell you have to change because you sounds like a good young man listen to your dad an what’s in your heart God will lead you you will go far this train was not for you maybe the next.

  5. What exactly do these group auditions do for the artist really?
    I mean I make my own songs, if I were put in a group singing grenade by BM I would def be sent home.
    Not every song is in an Artist wheelhouse & the show should focus more on each individual Artist.
    Sad Colby had alot more than we saw, and I hope he comes back stronger

  6. this guy was awesome and him trying to sing this song put him in a bad spot that cost him. Country music is where it’s at for him and he definitely has it to make it further in my opinion. The song was a total wrong call.

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