Tig Notaro And Stephen Were Accidental Seatmates


‘Star Trek: Discovery’ star Tig Notaro remembers taking a seat in a train car that only had one other passenger. That passenger was Stephen…


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  1. she walks out…"damn thats a butch woman, she is undoubtably gay"
    talks about her kids…."oh wait, i might have misjudged her too quick, she is not gay after all"
    talks about her wife….."wait…im so confused"

  2. Isn’t she a bit old for having three very young children. I mean anyone can do as they please. But won’t she be like 80 by the time her kids get out of college. Just seems kinda weird to me. Those kids will lose their mother by a fairly young age. That’s just how the world works. People get old and die. And if that upsets you I’ve got some really bad news for ya.

  3. I immediately went to fantasy mode wondering what I would say if it were just me and Stephen alone on that train car. So many things I'd ask him … I'm an introvert so I wouldn't badger, though.

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