Trong khi đó … NASA chỉ có người đàn ông phù hợp


Trong khi đó … Xin lỗi phụ nữ, NASA không có không gian phù hợp với kích thước của bạn. Đăng ký kênh "The late show" TẠI ĐÂY: For …


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  1. Seriously, Verizon? You didn’t think about the optics of suspending an employee who saved a cat? Or do you want people to think you’re a heartless corporation? Oh, never mind.

  2. while i am actually of the opinion that you leave the cat, the dude shouldn't get fired. if you have the tools to save the cat, you save the cat. have even had the fire department out once to attempt the same, it was a circumstance where they didn't have the tools. cat jumped off a few days later, unhurt from about 50 feet up. just obviously tired and malnourished. that was after the cat had been rescued from similar situations several times. if the cat can climb up it, it can get down, i understand that emotions get involved, but don't be stupid stupid.

  3. Actually Stephen, batman is not for children, there's a reason why they call him the dark knight. In the comics he beats up the bad guys to a pulp as they try to kill him. The reason why u think it's for kids is because batman's character was dumbed down, and made more friendly by the tv show, and the movies. Cos technically speaking, if DC were to make a movie of the comic book version of batman, those would be R rated movies like deadpool, with the difference that deadpool is because of his dialogue, and batman's would be from the violence he inflicts on his villians as they try and take him out. So yea, the real batman is not a kid friendly comic lol

  4. 1:09 those space suits cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, don't expect them to pull out a giant display rack. and it has nothing to do with them being "women" sizes, because that is "medium", meaning that they also have a "small". and they ONLY have three sizes, and a limited number of suites on board. i (EDIT: WE) would never of even heard of the idea if they hadn't wanted to do it, so stop being a dumbass.

  5. Misleading title and reporting of the NASA story. They did have enough space suits in the right sizes for both of the female astronauts, but until recently one of the women was comfortable wearing a larger size, and as a result they didn’t prepare the smaller one for her. When she decided she was more comfortable in the smaller size, it couldn’t be made ready in time for the space walk, so a male astronaut went out in the larger spacesuit instead. To rush to make the other smaller spacesuit ready would have delayed the spacewalk, and everyone involved, including both women, wanted to put the mission ahead of getting a “historic” headline.

  6. Apparently landed man on the moon 50 years ago…… Hasn't landed man on the moon since?……nasa is a joke. And Americans are extremely gullible. They probably never even went. Now they cancel or delay everything and blame it on "budget issues".

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