Tuscany, Italy: Rustic Slow Food


More info about travel to Tuscany: https://www.ricksteves.com/europe/italy/tuscany Rick and Roberto Bechi explore Italy’s “slow food” movement….


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  1. I have travelled the World and I don't hesitate to say that Tuscany has the best food on Earth!

    Furthermore, there is no other part of the World, spare Greece, that could educate you more in the department of culture, art and Humanism.

    Viva la bella Toscana!

  2. You are so right! I had the experience of living in Siena for one year. Though I had very little money, lived simply, and cooked on hotplates, all the foods I had access to were so fresh and wonderful that I ate like a queen. Beauty surrounded you; no matter where went, no matter which direction you looked in. Tuscany is such a magical place.

  3. Not only are Tuscan recipes and culinary traditions amazing, the quality of their ingredients is also out of this world. You can go to a supermarket and buy a simple carrot – and it will taste like you're in heaven. Apart from the incredible food and wine, Tuscany won't let you down when it comes to art, history and shopping. Furthermore, in terms of sheer beauty, the Tuscan countryside could only be rivaled by the fiords of Norway IMO.

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