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Ngài Charles nghe gì trong khi anh ta chuẩn bị trước một trận đấu lớn? Nghệ sĩ nào đang đi hát karaoke? Tìm hiểu trong phiên bản này của Mood Mix! …


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  1. "Nobody sings karaoke sober." Truth right there. Okay kids, Storytime With Random YouTube Commenter! Back in middle school, during one of those school "Fun Nights" (you know the ones), they had a karaoke machine, and while I didn't get drunk (obviously. It was middle school), I did get a massive sugar and caffeine high going, which is basically drunkenness for minors, so I can confirm that it's true for all ages.

  2. Charles Barkley and Micheal Jordan are HEAVILY invested in private prisons like GEO Group and both have made extremely racist statements against their own people. They think that because they play golf now, that their tax bracket has erased their ethnicity. They're bastards in every sense of the word.

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