Presley Tennant so với Rizzi Myers: "Whataya Want from Me" – The Voice Battles 2019 (Sneak Peek)


Đội Kelly's Presley Tennant và Rizzi Myers biểu diễn "Whataya Want from Me" trong The Voice Battles. Xem Trận chiến này và nhiều hơn nữa về một tập phim hoàn toàn mới …


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  1. Pretty even if you ask me. If i had to choose … I think I would go with Presley cause the power in her voice is insane, but I think that’s mostly because the song suited her tone more, even though it didn’t really work for either of them

  2. Presley fought, i would have given her the win tbh, but Rizzy has this unique amazing range and voice, that cuts through, horrible song choice by Kelly.. but man i would go with Rizzy moving forward disregarding this battle

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