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Rùa xanh ở Trung Đông là một trong những quần thể rùa ít hiểu biết nhất thế giới. Một nhóm các nhà nghiên cứu quốc tế đang tranh cãi …


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  1. Disappointing that we see increasingly unethical behaviour in the name of animal welfare and science. To launch onto a panicked animal and wrestle it onto a boat, where it remains, apparently long enough for it to become obviously dry, is abusive. During the 1980’s and 90’s there was a serious redirection among biologists to consider the wellbeing of the individual animals as well as of the species and today, that professionalism and concern seems to have yielded to thoughtless and self-indulgent extreme-sports. I mean – turtle wrangling…really?

  2. " oh ya lets put a yellow smiley face on its back that'd be so funny and cute" . turtle dies days later . cant camouflage or hide due to obv. yellow markings showing from miles away under water.

  3. is that catching technique even safe? looks like the turtle could've drowned or been so scared that it felt like something was attacking it. And how did they get the turtle on the boat after jumping on it?

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