Skye, Scotland: Pretty Portree – Hướng dẫn du lịch Châu Âu của Rick Steves – Bite Travel


Thông tin thêm về du lịch đến Quần đảo Scotland: Cơ sở nhà tốt nhất của Skye là thị trấn Portree, nép mình …


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  1. We were on the Isle of Skye in the early 1980s and we stayed in Staffin at the same time as 02 local drunken Thugs called Ned and another called Bryce Gillies savagely beat up a tourist man who was camping in a small tent with his 02 young sons near Staffin beach just because he was English….there have been many tourists beaten up by groups attached to these 02 thugs and there friends.

  2. My mother is from Scotland. And she’s been in America since 1974 and I think one day before she passes away I would like to take her there myself. I have always wanted to see where my family started. And what is interesting is my mother’s mother actually came from the Netherlands . I am American. And you should start an North American blog channel. To show Europeans how Americans and Canadians and Mexicans live. It’s cool but not as cool as Europe is!

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