Báo cáo Mueller Mở lạnh – SNL


Robert Mueller (Robert De Niro), William Barr (Aidy Bryant) và Tổng thống Trump (Alec Baldwin) tóm tắt Báo cáo Mueller. #SNL #SandraOh …


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  1. Amazing. They are still completely in denial rather than doing the right thing by making a joke about how completely wrong they got it in all these cold openings over the last couple of years.

    And while doing so, just completely making-up bullshit when characterizing Mueller's finding of no evidence of conspiracy or "collusion." There were "several questionable instances, but we cannot prove a criminal connection"? Where are they getting this? Hundreds of pages of evidence, but none of it of conspiracy. Ongoing investigations?

    "Somebody from the Trump team might have met with Russians at some point." What does that even mean? And how is that even a problem? "An abundance of circumstantial evidence"?

    How can they even say this shit when they don't know what is in the report yet? I know this is a comedy sketch, but comedy is still supposed to be based in truth. THAT is where the humor is derived.

    I had thought there might be some chance of self-awareness and how ridiculous the history of these cold opens featuring Mueller now seem. But instead, they are doubling down based on the SDNY? And having "Mueller" say that? Mueller spent two years and found no evidence of conspiracy, do they really think he believes the SDNY has something?

    They could have done something very funny that would have been self-effacing and some kind of acknowledgement of being wrong. But I guess they can't bring themselves to admit it even in service of comedy which is what they are supposed to be writing. So, instead they give us more of the same old "characters" and tired jokes about Trump.

    Remember the SNL sketch from the 1980s in which Phil Hartman played Reagan? They found comedy by subverting the typical jokes about Reagan being a stupid actor by depicting him as some kind of a genius, mastermind and, in so doing, made jokes about Iran-Contra. Think of what they could have done with this if they had gotten creative instead of simply having these guest actors repeat the exact same jokes we have been getting for two years. They spent months making jokes about the inevitability of Mueller "getting" Trump. It was only a matter of time. They even sang a Christmas carol about Mueller.

    Think how they could have made fun of the fact that the report has surprised so many people, including them? But THAT would require them to be self-deprecating and even acknowledge having been wrong in their repeated and ongoing predictions that Mueller would definitely bring Trump down. Instead, they are still doing that SAME thing. They are still trying to make jokes about Trump inevitably going down even in the aftermath of the complete collapse of their certainty that Mueller was going to get Trump. Are they really THAT oblivious?

    What will the cold open be when nothing further happens? My guess is they will just let it fade away and pretend they didn't spend month making sketches about Mueller definitely getting Trump removed from office and even locked-up. And on Weekend Update they seem to be assuming Trump is guilty of something notwithstanding the outcome of the investigation. It's bizarre.

  2. an innocent man would not have to constantly and indignantly profess no collusion. he was prepared with a rebuttal to refute the findings. what we witnessed was the premature victory lap of a malignant narcissist. he knows his guilt. soon we all will.

  3. I thought we’d finally get a sketch making fun of Democrats for believing the “Trump-Russia” Conspiracy Theory for almost 3 years.

    Unfortunately SNL doesn’t poke fun at people on both sides of the aisle anymore.

    It would definitely be a breath of fresh air after these last few seasons.

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