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  1. Asia is a 1000 times better than Scandanevia, or Europe.

    If you are not European, you have no business going tourism to Europe, unless you want to go into trouble and fights because of your skin colour

  2. Do not trust Swedish women they are mentaly ill. We have example of Swedish women who Do not want to testifi against forrign men after they have raped their daughter,( because their is a small chance that they Will be deported ) they have also has big demonstrations against deporting convicted rapist. It is many of them say that because some Swedish men Do it, they think it is ok for forringers to Do it whit out having to risk deportation

  3. Sweden is the rape capital of europe and recently the goverment approved of childmarriges. A muslim man wanted an apartment för him and his pregnant 12 year old and he wanted the Swedish taxpayers to pay for it. The man promised not to fuck her no moore so the goverment approved. Not a Word of protest from the disgusting Swedish people

  4. Brah. Herring is amazing. It's like candy. So much variety and taste. Just unbelievable.

    And things like smörgåstårta and lingonsylt are top notch. We have good food man.

    And RÖDBETSSALLAD! Oh my god. This is better than anything else you'll ever taste. Polar bread, rödbettsallad and some meatballs on top. Better than any fancy french food you'll ever taste.

  5. Yeah, not to be mean about the food, but as a British person you can find food here from all around the world, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, South American, United States, South African, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc……….. not much in the way of Swedish restaurants

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