Làm thế nào để áp dụng nền tảng khoáng sản (BareMinemony)


Trang điểm khoáng là hoàn hảo cho làn da nhạy cảm, dễ nổi mụn. Đây là hướng dẫn của tôi về cách tôi áp dụng nó để nó có phạm vi bảo hiểm đầy đủ nhưng trông giống như bạn …


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  1. I suffered terribly from acne and oily skin when I was a teenager and it lasted until my early twenties (I was very lucky it wasn't the scarring type). I really wish this foundation had existed back then, as it would have been like a miracle to me. Anyone suffering from acne should definitely try this! I wear it now I'm spot free and I get some lovely comments on my skin – you can adapt the coverage, it makes you glow and it looks natural. It's fabulous!!!

  2. My skin has gotten more acne prone as I've aged. Bare minerals is the only one I can use. Here's the interesting thing though. If I go without wearing my makeup for more than a couple of days, my skin actually breaks out … bad. Yup, I actually break out when I DON'T wear makeup. So, for those with sensitive skin, try this product. It may be what you actually need. Oh, and one more thing. I am 57 years old. Don't let the other posts scare you away from trying it. Just remember to apply it in light layers, building up to a coverage you're pleased with. I use the Prime Time primer first, then follow the directions you see in this video. You'll only get that caked on look if you use too much all at once.
    Great tutorial!

  3. I just started using bare minerals and need to cover dark spots on both my cheeks. I used it this morning but they came thru. I will definitely try your technique to cover them. I am very self conscience about them😔

  4. I finally found the foundation for me. I have been looking for something light that would give me a natural look and also do not damage my skin. I can't wait to go shopping and buy this product. Thanks for the video😘

  5. Thank you so much! Your tip about concealing blemishes after you put on the foundation was a great tip. I have been wearing bare minerals for about 10 years and Have always covered my blemishes or hyperpigmentation spots 1st, you're the best!

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