Weekend Update: Astronaut Anne McClain – SNL


Astronaut Anne McClain (Aidy Bryant) stops by Weekend Update to talk about NASA’s canceling the first all-female spacewalk. #SNL #SandraOh…


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  1. They didn't cancel it because there weren't enough spacesuits. The previous week Anne McClain tried a large and found it didn't fit, so would be taking a medium. The second suit would have taken 12 hours to get it ready. Why is SNL trying to make it sound like she never got to go out? She went out the previous week.

    Anne trained in ‘M’ and ‘L’ and thought she could use a large but decided after last Friday’s spacewalk a medium fits better,” a Nasa spokeswoman, Stephanie Schierholz, announced on Monday. “In this case, it’s easier (and faster!) to change space-walkers than reconfigure the spacesuit.”

    Why the hell is this "Thelma and Louise bullshit" even being considered a historic event?

  2. It was a funny bit, but they didn't need to shit on Nick Hague, who's actually a pretty accomplished guy, too. It's certainly not his fault that NASA didn't have enough ready spacesuits that could fit women.

  3. Ok, cute bit, but that astronaut DID GO FOR A SPACE WALK. They weren't able to do an all-female space walk because they hadn't planned for one and the suit inventory didn't support it, but she had already completed at least one walk during the mission. A little research goes a long way when you're writing, even for a comedy sketch.

  4. On March 22, 2019, McClain and Nick Hague performed their first Spacewalk to install the adapter plates while Dextre swaps the batteries between spacewalks. The EVA lasted 6 hours and 39 minutes. They also removed debris from the Unity Module in preparation for the arrival of Cygnus NG-11 in April, stowing tools for the repair of the flex hose rotary coupler, and securing tiebacks on the solar array blanket boxes.[10]

    McClain was scheduled to perform a second EVA on March 29, with Christina Koch, which would have been the first all-female spacewalk,[11] but spacesuit sizing issues resulted in this EVA being reassigned to Hague and Koch.[12] McClain is now tentatively scheduled to conduct a further spacewalk with Saint-Jacques on April 8.[13]

  5. I love this story. So when space flights were all-male, that was wrong of us because it was sexist, but when space flights were all women, it was good of us and isn't sexist? No double-standard there, lol. It is a good thing that they have become mixed-sexes, and should stay that way, if we are going to take sex into account; if not, then it should just be whoever is best.
    P.S. I love that they highlight the women's accomplishments, but act like the men don't have to work just as hard to get there- it is just given to them, right? Yet, if we did the same thing but reversed the genders, and acted like women were just handed it while men worked hard, THAT would be sexist. I swear, it seems like very few out there are actually for fighting ALL sexism, as I am, and most just want to reverse the sexism, so that men are treated like women once were (which was terrible then, so why isn't the same behavior wrong now, when targeting men?).

  6. OK. Anne McClain did a space walk. The space walk of 2 women had to be canceled because due to lack of gravity, people grow a few inches in space. Space suits are also modular in a sense that gloves, torso, legs, helmet are all interchangeable. She just happened to grow enough that part of the suit didn't fit correctly, thus unable to SAFELY perform the space walk.

  7. NASA Director: "Space suits?"
    NASA Suit Manager: "We're go for space suits."
    NASA Director: "Launch!"
    NASA Suit Manager: "Whoa! Um, the space suits are like one-size-fits-all. The ladies are the man-sized, right?"
    NASA Director: "Aw, crap! Damn it, Bob!"

  8. She did a space walk like a week ago, that's when they found out that she needed a Medium suit, and they only have one assembled. I get the joke but it would be better if she actually didn't get to space walk.

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