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Một người ngoài cuộc (Sandra Oh) vô tình bị thương trong cuộc đấu tay đôi giữa hai người đàn ông (Pete Davidson, Beck Bennett). #SNL #SandraOh #TameImpala # SNL44 …


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  1. Not quite 'BassOmatic,' 'More Cow Bell" or "Colonel Angus," but this is close to classic. I actually did LOL . . . all by myself on the internet watching this. "This is taking up my whole damn day." "So you can better see." "Currently there are two bullets in the air bouncing around the courtyard." Then the sound of her taking a round to the chest was out of 'Saving Private Ryan.' Melissa Villasenor's acting is spot on; notice how well she plays her part. When they shot Sandra Oh's fingers off I lost it. Great comedy . . . sans politics.

  2. Under traditional rules of the duel the moment the first dude went "BANG!" he broke the terms of the duel and his adversary would be entitled to one free shot at the distance the initial shot had been fired from. Also each man should have a "second" willing to execute the free shot, should a breach of dueling etiquette kill either man. Still kind of funny though, if not a tad brutal.

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